A Beautiful You Lies Beneath 


Your Skin tells a Story from Within . . .

Your skin says something about how you feel as a woman. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys a smooth, natural and soft skin. Soteria is our haven for you to rejuvenate and preserve your skin. We invite you to re-discover the beauty and strength beneath your skin.  We understand that you may have different reasons for visiting a skin salon.  Whatever your reason, we want you to feel comfortable about the face you see in the mirror every morning. We are here to bring out your skin’s natural embodiment so that you can feel confident about yourself at work, with your loved ones and in life. We want to help you expose your beautiful self from within your skin.

Soteria Skin provides various skin care treatments to help you with your particular skin concerns. We work with technology and performance proven products that work to improve your skin such as Microcurrent treatments, LED light therapy, Oxygen treatments, Microdermabrasion, and Chemical Peels. We also specialize in an exciting method of hair removal, Sugaring Hair Removal. See our video….. In addition, we offer Massage Therapy to help your whole body feel relaxed and invigorated when you leave our place and go back into the outside world.

We do all we can for our customers to renew their skin and body and have received so many lovely customer testimonials for the work that we have performed for our clients:

“Today’s experience was Heaven!  If anyone ever wants to be treated like you are the only woman in the world and pampered the way you deserve, this is definitely the place to go. I have never been so relaxed and felt so revitalized,” said Kathryn W. of Richmond, TX.

We invite you to come in and experience the healing that Soteria Skin can bring to you.  And discover a new you beneath—a life that embraces life’s challenges and eager to share life with others.